You’re In Charge: Priorizing Self-Care Without Sacrifice with Heather Dumas

We’re here to help you prioritize self-care, and create a sustainable, kick-ass healthy lifestyle by reminding you that You’re In Charge. This is the podcast for all you badass women out there, expertly balancing your career and motherhood. It’s my mission to cut through the nonsense and give you some tough love so that you can take charge of your health and happiness. No fluff, no excuses, just real talk and real solutions for real change. Because you deserve to look and feel like the badass you are.

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Monday Jun 03, 2024

Today we're diving into the fascinating intersection of astrology and self-care with our guest, Gable, a renowned practical astrological advisor. Our discussion uncovers how aligning with the natural cycles of astrology can significantly benefit our mental and physical well-being. Join us as we explore how the stars might hold the key to better understanding and nurturing ourselves.
Timestamps:0:00 - Introduction to Gable and the role of astrology in wellness2:15 - Misconceptions about astrology and its relevance to modern health practices5:19 - Personalized astrology: Understanding the impact of moon cycles and planetary alignments on personal health12:11 - The practical applications of astrology in daily life for stress management and personal growth18:45 - How to start incorporating astrology into your life beyond the horoscope24:30 - Gable's journey with astrology and how it transformed her personal and professional life30:00 - Audience Q&A: How astrology can guide personal and family wellness strategies
Key Takeaways:
Astrology offers more than just personality insights; it can be a profound tool for self-care and understanding.Aligning with natural cycles, like those of the moon, can help harmonize our internal states with external environments.
Understanding your birth chart can provide tailored strategies to recharge and handle life's challenges more effectively.
Initiating into astrology can start simply by observing and researching significant astrological events and their personal impacts.
Astrology, often viewed with skepticism, holds valuable insights into personal well-being and self-understanding. Whether you're a seasoned stargazer or a curious newcomer, the celestial bodies might just offer the guidance you need to live a more balanced and harmonious life. Dive into your own chart, or connect with a professional like Gable, and discover how the stars can illuminate paths to better health and personal fulfillment.
Connect with Gable: Instagram profile:
Invitation to work with her:

Monday May 27, 2024

This Bonus Episode comes from my recent Hormone Harmony Hacks Audio Experience. The next exclusive event like this will take place in July 2024.
I'll take you on a journey through my own experiences of navigating the often-overlooked signs of imbalance. This isn't just a story; it's a revelation of the hidden battles many of us face in silence.
I'll share the transformative moments and strategies that led me from feeling disconnected and overwhelmed to a place of empowerment and harmony. You'll learn how to tune into your body's whispers before they become screams, and how to harmonize your lifestyle with your body's needs. This is about breaking free from the silent struggle and embracing a life where your health and well-being are in sync with your ambitions and dreams.
Healthy Lifestyle Quiz
Join me as I unveil the tools and mindset shifts that can help you reclaim control over your body and mind, turning what once felt like a silent struggle into a powerful story of triumph and self-discovery.

Monday May 20, 2024

Whether you're sending a child off to college, transitioning into or out of the workforce, or handling personal transformations, today's discussion aims to equip you with the tools to handle these changes with grace and self-care.
Timestamps:0:00 - Introduction:
Overview of today's topic on navigating life transitions.Reflection on the common but rarely discussed emotional challenges of parenting through different life stages.2:15 - The Realities of Parenting and Letting Go:
Discussing the emotional impact of watching your children grow up and become independent.The logistical and emotional challenges of preparing a child for graduation and adulthood.5:09 - Life Transitions, Self-Care, and Emotional Management:
Reflecting on 18 years of raising a child and the new phase of life that follows.Strategies for maintaining self-care and focusing on personal goals during significant life changes.10:22 - Practical Tips for Sustainable Self-Care:
Suggestions for integrating self-care into daily routines post-major life transitions.Examples of non-traditional ways to celebrate milestones that align with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.15:45 - Emotional Well-Being During Transitions:
Importance of allowing oneself to experience and process emotions during transitions.Tips for not losing sight of personal health and happiness despite the demands of life changes.20:30 - Closing Thoughts:
Summarizing the key takeaways from today's discussion.Encouraging listeners to view transitions as opportunities for growth and self-reinvention.
Key Takeaways:
Embrace Each Transition: View each major life change as an opportunity to reassess and realign with your goals.
Maintain Routine Self-Care: Develop sustainable self-care routines that adapt to your changing circumstances.
Celebrate Thoughtfully: Opt for celebration methods that support your lifestyle goals, such as active gatherings or creative parties.
Process Emotions Healthily: Allow yourself the space and time to emotionally navigate changes, using strategies that avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Remember that life’s transitions, while challenging, also offer rich opportunities for personal development and joy. Embrace these moments with intention and care, ensuring that you don't just survive but thrive through each phase of your journey.
Thank you for tuning in, and don't hesitate to reach out with your own stories and strategies for managing life's transitions. Until next time, keep taking care of yourself through all of life's changes.

Monday May 13, 2024

In this enlightening conversation, Kim Flores, a board-certified nurse practitioner and a holistic health expert, shares her transformative journey from traditional healthcare to establishing her own company aimed at bridging the gap between healthcare and health. Kim discusses the critical insights she gained about the importance of slowing down, the systemic issues within the healthcare system, and how personal experiences of burnout led her to advocate for a more preventative approach to wellness.
Timestamps:[00:00:00] - Introduction to Kim Flores and the genesis of Sophrosyne Health Coaching.[00:03:15] - Kim’s realization about the 'sick care' system and her decision to leave traditional healthcare.[00:07:30] - The impact of personal burnout and the shift towards holistic health solutions.[00:12:45] - Discussing the shortcomings of the healthcare system and the pervasive influence of pharmaceutical companies.[00:18:20] - The power of stillness and its necessity in today’s fast-paced world.[00:24:50] - How Kim uses her experience to empower women to manage their health through root cause analysis.[00:30:35] - Practical tips for incorporating slow and mindful practices into daily routines.
Key Takeaways:Empowering Self-Care: Kim underscores the importance of self-care and listening to one’s body, highlighting how conventional healthcare often overlooks these aspects.
Holistic Health Approaches: Through her company, Kim advocates for holistic approaches, including root cause testing and customized health protocols, to address individual health needs effectively.
Critique of Healthcare System: Kim and the host critique the current healthcare model, emphasizing the need to shift from a profit-driven to a prevention-focused approach.
Importance of Stillness: Both guests discuss the transformative power of slowing down in achieving physical and mental health balance.
Closing Thoughts:Today’s conversation with Kim Flores illuminates the essential shift needed from treating symptoms to fostering an environment of prevention and holistic care. Her insights encourage us to rethink our engagement with health and the importance of advocating for systems that truly cater to the well-being of individuals.
Connect with Kim:
Tik Tok: @kim.flores.87.e7

Monday May 06, 2024

Exploring Self-Perception vs. Reality: This episode dives into the often-neglected issue of our external appearance versus our inner identity. I challenge you, my listeners, to reflect on whether you're showing the world your true self or just a persona shaped by external pressures.
Timestamps and Key Points
0:00 - Reflecting on Self-Perception: Exploring the common disconnect between how we present ourselves and who we truly feel we are.
2:10 - Life's Demands Impacting Our True Selves: Examining how the demands of life can distort or suppress our authentic selves.
6:15 - The Significant Impact of Small Changes: Discussing how small, manageable steps can profoundly affect our ability to align our outward behavior with our internal identity.
12:20 - Practical Steps Toward Authentic Self-Expression: Sharing actionable advice on simple actions you can start today to help realign your external appearance with your inner self.
18:45 - Physical Activity and Self-Perception: Highlighting the role of movement and mindfulness in enhancing our authenticity and how they improve self-perception.
25:30 - The Need for Consistency: Emphasizing the importance of consistency and commitment in maintaining the changes we initiate.
30:00 - Taking Charge of Personal Growth: Encouraging small steps every day towards authentic self-expression and discussing the empowerment that comes from taking control of your personal growth.
Share your steps and progress towards authenticity on social media, and be sure to tag me @hdtransformations.

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Welcome to today's episode where we dive into the vital topic of sleep with renowned expert Annika, founder of Sleep Like a Boss.
Learn how Annika turned her battle with burnout and insomnia into a mission to help women master their sleep and reclaim their energy.
Timestamps & Key Points:
[0:00] - Meet Annika: From Burnout to Sleep Guru
Introduction to Annika, her background, and how personal experiences led her to specialize in sleep improvement for women.
Overview of her business, Sleep Like a Boss, and its objectives.
[3:15] - The Vital Role of Sleep in Women’s Health
Discussion on why sleep is crucial, especially for women juggling multiple roles.
Insights into the common yet overlooked reasons that disrupt sleep.
[8:07] - The Interplay Between Stress and Sleep
Exploring both external and internal stressors that can lead to poor sleep quality.
How to identify signs of stress that you might be missing and their impact on your sleep.
[10:37] - Blood Sugar and Sleep: The Hidden Connection
How blood sugar levels affect sleep patterns.
Practical tips for managing diet to prevent sleep disruption.
[16:11] - Addressing Insulin Resistance for Better Sleep
The link between diet, insulin resistance, and sleep issues.
Strategies to combat insulin resistance and improve sleep quality.
[18:31] - Power Naps and Productivity: Small Breaks for Big Gains
The benefits of power napping and how to effectively incorporate them into your routine.
Why normalizing naps could be a game-changer for your health and productivity.
[22:42] - Exercise, Sleep, and Circadian Rhythms
The benefits of regular, moderate exercise on sleep.
How morning sunlight exposure helps regulate your body’s clock and improve sleep.
[28:41] - Conclusion: Prioritizing Sleep for Optimal Health
Final thoughts on the importance of sleep and Annika’s tips for maintaining it.
How listeners can connect with Annika and explore her resources for better sleep.
Closing Thoughts:
Encouragement to take action on the tips discussed and prioritize your sleep for better health and well-being.
Reminder of where to find more information and support from Annika online.
Whether it’s adjusting your diet, incorporating naps, or managing stress better, each step is a move toward reclaiming the restorative sleep you deserve.
Introducing Annika Carroll, the mompreneur behind Sleep Like A Boss. With a mission to empower women to thrive in both their personal and professional lives, Annika specializes in helping women reclaim their sleep and prevent burnout. Drawing from her struggles with burnout and insomnia, she helps women fix their gut, hormones, and well-being to achieve great sleep, have tons of energy and, with that - sustainable success. Because sleep struggles and burnout aren't all in your head.

Monday Apr 22, 2024

In today's episode, I explore the crucial moments that lead us to admit that rewarding ourselves and our children with food isn't sustainable. Join me as we discuss the journey from traditional rewards to achieving real, sustainable change with healthier alternatives.
[00:00] - Introduction: The Moment of Realization   - Realizing that using food as a reward is ingrained in our culture and its implications for our health and lifestyle.
[01:11] - The Treat Trap: Navigating the Urge to Reward with Food   - Exploring how the habit of rewarding with food begins and why it's a common yet problematic response.
[02:27] - The Breaking Point: Recognizing When It's Time for Change   - Identifying the negative consequences of food rewards and the importance of shifting to non-food rewards.
[05:03] - Beyond Food: A Holistic Approach to Rewards   - Discussing alternatives to food rewards that promote healthier habits and contribute to overall well-being.
[06:26] - The Strategy for Success: Embracing Non-Food Rewards   - Offering practical advice on how to implement and benefit from non-food rewards, both personally and for children.
Key Takeaways:
- Understanding the signs that food rewards are not beneficial and the importance of finding alternatives.- The importance of expert guidance in achieving sustainable change in our reward habits.- Strategies for integrating healthy reward practices into family life.- How shifting from food to non-food rewards can transform your approach to celebrations and achievements.
Closing Thoughts:
- Recognizing that seeking healthier alternatives isn't a sign of weakness; it's a strategic move towards achieving your goals more effectively. Whether you're dealing with personal habits or family traditions, remember that there's a wealth of knowledge and support available to help you make the shift. It's time to embrace the journey with open arms and an open mind. If you'd like to discuss a path forward please reach out.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Welcome to this enlightening conversation with Ashley Holmes, a holistic fertility coach who combines yoga, mindfulness, and personalized coaching to support women on their fertility journeys. Dive into the key insights from our discussion on how yoga and mindfulness can significantly impact fertility, offering a natural and balanced approach to conception.
Introduction- Ashley Holmes introduces her role as a holistic fertility coach and shares her personal journey from fertility struggles to discovering the integrative power of yoga and mindfulness.
Key Insights and Takeaways- Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Learn how aligning these elements can create a fertile foundation, facilitating easier conception and overall well-being.- Stress and Fertility: Explore how chronic stress affects hormonal balance and fertility, and discover techniques to mitigate stress and enhance fertility prospects.- Yoga and Fertility: Ashley delves into how specific yoga practices like Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra can help open energy channels, support emotional healing, and prepare the body for pregnancy.- The Power of Mindful Eating: Understand the importance of mindfulness in eating habits, which can improve digestion and optimize nutrient absorption, crucial for hormonal balance and fertility.- Customized Coaching: Ashley emphasizes the personalized nature of her coaching, tailoring her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.
Timestamps- [00:00:00] Introduction to Ashley Holmes and her holistic fertility coaching approach.- [00:03:25] Ashley's personal fertility story and the transformative role of yoga.- [00:07:15] The biological and emotional impacts of stress on fertility.- [00:12:40] Detailed explanation of Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, and their benefits for fertility.- [00:18:55] Discussing the significance of mindful eating and its effects on health and fertility.- [00:24:30] The importance of customizing fertility coaching and how Ashley adapts her methods to individual needs.- [00:29:45] Q&A session with Ashley on common fertility issues and her holistic solutions.
Closing Thoughts- Embrace a holistic approach to fertility that integrates mind, body, and spirit. By reducing stress, practicing mindfulness, and aligning our energy, we can enhance our fertility naturally and healthily.
Connect with Ashley Holmes- To learn more about Ashley’s methods or to book a personalized session, visit her on the VIB l y platform for health and wellness.
Ashley Holmes is a Holistic Fertility Coach who supports women struggling with infertility to create a fertile foundation within. By bringing mind, body, and spirit into balance and alignment women are able to nourish themselves optimally to conceive with ease.
Website: Fertility Coach Facebook Group: & Wellness Platform ViBLY: Nidra:
Thank you for tuning into this episode. Whether you're navigating fertility challenges or simply interested in a more balanced, holistic lifestyle, Ashley’s insights offer valuable guidance and hope. Join us next time as we continue to explore innovative approaches to health and well-being.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Welcome to a refreshing take on achieving a healthier lifestyle, where we go beyond the conventional wisdom of squats, diets, and strict routines. Today, we dive into why the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness often falls short and explore the transformative power of a tailored healthy lifestyle strategy. Join me as I debunk myths, challenge the norms, and offer you a roadmap to a life where fitness meets joy and sustainability.
Timestamps:- 00:00: Introduction - Setting the stage for a new fitness philosophy- 02:15: The Limitations of Traditional Fitness Plans - Why Personal Training and nutrition guides alone don't cut it- 05:30: The Turning Point - How a personalized approach revolutionizes wellness- 08:45: The Role of Flexibility and Enjoyment in Your Fitness Journey- 12:00: Beyond Calories and Crunches - The importance of addressing stress and emotional well-being- 15:20: Your Personal Health GPS - Navigating life's roadblocks with a tailored strategy- 18:35: Real-life Success Stories - Testimonials from those who've embraced the journey- 21:50: Invitation to Transformation - How to join the movement towards a joyful and effective fitness lifestyle- 25:00: Closing Thoughts - Embracing the journey with resilience and joy
Key Takeaways:- A one-size-fits-all approach to fitness is often ineffective in the long run. Tailoring your strategy to fit your lifestyle is key.- Flexibility and enjoyment are crucial components of a sustainable fitness journey.- Addressing stress and emotional well-being is as important as diet and exercise in your health journey.- Viewing your fitness strategy as a personal GPS can help navigate through life's unpredictability.- Personal transformation is possible with the right guidance, mindset, and tailored approach.
Closing Thoughts:Today's discussion underscores the importance of stepping away from rigid fitness dogmas and moving towards a more personalized, flexible, and enjoyable health strategy. Remember, the journey towards a healthier you shouldn't be a chore or a series of checkboxes. It's about integrating wellness into your life in a way that's sustainable, effective, and most importantly, joyful. Here's to finding your unique path to fitness, filled with laughter, resilience, and a good dose of reality checks. Until next time, keep moving forward, but don't forget to enjoy the ride.

Monday Apr 01, 2024

We're diving deep into the truth behind weight loss in the digital age. Gone are the days of blindly following the newest diet trends popping up on your social media feed or investing in apps that promise the world but deliver little. Join me as I explore a more strategic, personalized approach to health and fitness that's not only effective but sustainable.
Episode Summary:
- [0:00] Weight Loss Methods and Their Effectiveness: I kick off the conversation by addressing the common pitfalls of seeking weight loss solutions through social media and the endless sea of fitness apps. The key takeaway? A one-size-fits-all method is seldom the answer to achieving your health goals.
- [2:11] Fitness and Nutrition Apps and Their Effectiveness:Delving into the world of fitness and nutrition apps, I discuss why these tools, despite their popularity, might not be the golden ticket to weight loss they're often made out to be. Instead, I suggest a more tailored, personal approach.
- [3:45] Wasting Time and Money on Unsuccessful Health and Fitness Efforts: Ever find yourself wondering where all the time, money, and effort have gone with little to no results to show for it? I address the importance of consistency over novelty when it comes to your health.
- [5:29] Using Technology to Improve Health and Wellness: Technology isn't the enemy, but how we use it can make or break our fitness journey. I share insights into navigating the vast resources available online and making them work for you, not against you.
- [7:26] Health and Wellness Spending and Effectiveness: In a revealing segment, I challenge you to consider the real cost of health and wellness in your life. How much have you spent on fleeting fitness fads, and what do you have to show for it?
Key Takeaways:
- Personalization is Key: Forget cookie-cutter plans. For lasting results, a customized approach to diet and exercise is essential.- Technology as a Tool, Not a Crutch: Use apps and online resources wisely to complement, not dictate, your fitness journey.- Invest in What Works: It's time to rethink where you're putting your money. Quality, professional guidance trumps quantity every time.- Consistency Over Novelty: Achieving your fitness goals is a marathon, not a sprint. Steady, focused effort wins the race.
Closing Thought:
It's easy to get lost in the endless scroll of Google searches and social media feeds, constantly searching for the next big thing in weight loss. But perhaps it's time to log off and tune in—to yourself, your body, and your needs. Consider this episode your wake-up call to stop googling and start growing into the healthiest version of yourself, with a strategy that's as unique as you are. 
Remember, it's not about having a plethora of resources at your fingertips but about finding the right ones that speak to you and your journey. And sometimes, the best investment you can make is in professional, personalized guidance that cuts through the noise and lays out a clear path to success.
Schedule a quick call with me to discuss what that path looks like for you.


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